Company profile

       AOKEROLA GROUP (China) is a high-tech multinational company. It was founded in 1990 and is located in Shandong Province, one of the China’s major thriving economic hubs. Aokerola is one of the world’s most innovative companies using cutting-edge technology to produce its high-tech ceramic products. The company has its corporate headquarters in Seattle, USA with two manufacturing bases in China and the United States (currently under construction). Aokerola sources the best raw materials from all over the world including Japan, Australia, Italy, the USA, India, and China and provides goods and services to more than fifty countries worldwide.

       With a top-of-the-range intelligent manufacturing line, AOKEROLA produces over one million tons of high-quality  high-tech products each year. Products include: kiln furnace supporting rollers, shafts, beams, and bricks with various operating temperatures up to 1600°C; alumina, zirconium, and zirconium composites that are highly efficient and resistant to corrosion and can be formed into shapes of a ball, brick, cylinder, or any other shape. The high quality, variation, and flexibility of the products position AOKEROLA as a world leader in the industry with a market share that exceeds 20%.   

      AOKEROLA boasts a world-class scientific R&D team who designed a fully intelligent closed-loop alumina production line with automated solid sphere plastic particle molding equipment. The R&D team at AOKEROLA are world leaders in the high-tech ceramic industry are renowned for their breakthroughs and innovative approach within the industry.

      The company has also invested in the development of education, real estate, optometry equipment as well as health care services in the United States. All these reflect the company’s philosophy of making the world a better place for everyone. In the next five years, the sales is expected to exceed US$1.2 billion.


       The high-end, cutting-edge technology allied with the visionary and innovative designs of AOKEROLA and the company’s philosophy of paying individual attention to all its customers ensures unsurpassed quality and satisfaction at all times.


 Review of Brilliant Passed 15 Years of Aokerola


The original company of AOKEROLA GROUP, Zibo Yuanda Co. was founded. This company was specializing in ceramic technology research, ceramic plant design, and ceramic equipment marketing.


Incorporating with Spanish Refractory Institute, Weifang Aokerola Fine Cermaics Corporation was founded.


Invented the isostatic medium alumina ball, and achieved the industrialization. This medium aluminaball has advantages of high density, high hardness, high corrosion resistance etc. This grinding efficiency and wear loss rate is much better than that of natural stone and traditional grinding media. The medium alumina balls are rapidly accepted by ceramic industry, enamel industry, color industry as well as chemical industry, which filled a domestic gap.


Started the production of high alumina ball in the Weifang Plant.


Successfully developed the OK-Y686 isostatic ball press and won the national patent.


Participated in making the National Quality Standard of Ceramic Roller in China.


Successfully developed the low wear loss and low cost grinding media"Super Wear-Resistant King" (this new grinding material largely reduces the production cost for customer and solve this typical problem for this industry.  )


Zibo Aokerola Ceramic Technology Co. Was founded.


Zibo Plant started the production of medium alumina lining brick. And at the same time, Aokerola started the internationalization.


Shandong Aokerola Technological Material Co., Ltd was founded, and successfully developed the global longest, full-automatic, intelligent medium alumina ball production line by high temperature roller kiln.


Successfully built the unique biggest shuttle kiln for roller production, and introduced the cutting edge roller production technology from Germany inthe end of 2007. And successfully build the second longest high temperature(1700℃) roller kiln for high alumina ceramics production.


Started the production of high alumina ceramic by the High Temperature Roller Kiln, and achieved the Non-Quality-Difference production system, Which makes AOKEROLA become the first company which uses high temperature roller kiln to produce high alumina ceramic. (The full automatic production system, isostatic technology, Non-difference technology play an important role in improving the benefits and development of global ceramic industry. And these technologies will also largely improve the brand of Aokerola).


The Fourth new high alumina ceramic production line is under construction and the Fifth new roller project is going to start.


The new advanced low ware loss medium & high alumina grinding balls were brought into batch production.the medium alumina ball has been successfully replaced by the new developed high and medium alumina ball.