Malaysia Visit

On March 26-29, 2019, the relevant personnel of our company conducted a routine visit to the Malaysian market under the leadership of Chairman Duan Gaofeng. The Aokerola Group has always played a very important role in the Malaysian ceramics market, so our annual routine visits are indispensable, face-to-face with customers, enhance relationships, and keep abreast of market updates.

Our company has a long-term, stable and friendly cooperative relationship with Malaysian agents and almost all local ceramic manufacturers. It has a very good reputation both in product quality and after-sales service. During the visit, all the enterprises expressed their warm welcome to our visitation. Many enterprises also consulted with the general manager about the relevant technical issues during the reception period, and answered the questions on the site, which brought great value to the company. 

The Malaysian ceramics industry is relatively small, and the number of ceramics companies is not very large. The development momentum in the past year has been slow, mainly due to the downturn in the international ceramics market and the slowdown in domestic economic development. During the visit, it was found that basically all enterprises had the situation of stopping the kiln and reducing the number of employees. However, even under this circumstance, our company has actively won new orders during the visit and realized the extension of new products

As a leader in the production of industrial ceramic raw materials, the Aokerola Group continues to innovate and develop new products and technologies, not only in the status, but also to provide customers with diversified products and technical solutions, both for customers and their peers. A very high praise.

The customer's affirmation, peer recognition is the biggest driving force for us to move forward. The Aokerola Group will continue to serve customers and contribute to the society. We will continue to innovate and strive for excellence, provide more and more professional services to more customers, and provide technical support and product solutions for a wider customer base.